$560,000 recovery for 51-year-old bus driver who was rear-ended by a car

Jason M. Whiteside and Michael J. Goldberg teamed up to obtain $558,443.00 in compensation for a 51-year-old school bus driver who was rear-ended by a car. The bus driver did not complain of any pain on the date of the crash, but visited her doctor the following day for neck complaints that ended up resulting in a cervical fusion. The case was hotly disputed since the bus suffered minimal damage in the crash and since the bus driver had several years of medical treatment to her neck before the crash. Mr. Whiteside successfully argued before the Illinois Industrial Commission that her neck injuries were related to the crash and then Mr. Whiteside won again at the Appellate level. Mr. Goldberg took over the personal injury side of the case and obtained the full amount of insurance policy limits from the negligent driver’s insurance company. Mr. Goldberg then took on the underinsured motorist portion of the case and achieved another challenging win for the firm’s client. The defense hired 3 expert witnesses to testify that the bus driver’s injuries were not related to the crash. Through aggressive representation, Mr. Whiteside and Mr. Goldberg proved them wrong.