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Texting/Suicide Case, Texas Circumventing Obama Immigration Policy, Female-Only Uber Competitor, Will Smith Murder, Charlie Sheen and a Dora The Explorer lawsuit

Legal Face-Off WGN Podcast from April 15, 2016 Rich and Jason welcome LFO employment law correspondent Maital Savin from Bryce Downey & Lenkov to discuss whether a new female-only Uber competitor is legal. They then welcome in University of Oklahoma...

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Gloria Allred discusses OJ & Cosby, CTU vs CPS, Blagojevich, Drew Peterson, Elton John and more

Legal Face-Off WGN Podcast from April 2, 2016 On this week’s episode, Jason and Rich discuss whether the Chicago teachers strike is legal with University of Illinois Professor Robert Bruno. They then welcome inventor Alan Amron to discuss his lawsuit...

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Merrick Garland, Alan Dershowitz discusses inaccuracies in the OJ Simpson movie, corruption in Illinois, Inside Out columnists, Hulk Hogan and much more

Legal Face-Off WGN Podcast from March 22, 2016 This week, Rich and Jason welcome former Supreme Court clerk Andy DeVooght to discuss the chances of Merrick Garland being affirmed as a Supreme Court justice. They then discuss the inaccuracies in...

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Kim Goldman discusses OJ Simpson movie, Texas abortion case in Supreme Court, documentary about Tasers, FanLyst President on ticket resale market, Kesha, Erin Andrews and more

Legal Face-Off WGN Podcast from March 4, 2016 Rich and Jason welcome Nick Berardini, director of Killing Them Safely, a new documentary about Tasers and lawsuits resulting from death and injuries resulting from their use. They then welcome in Kim...

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Supreme Court Panel, Child Predators, US vs. Apple, Fake Doogie Howser and more

Legal Face-Off WGN Podcast from February 19, 2016 Jason and Rich welcome an All Star panel of Supreme Court experts to discuss Justice Scalia’s impact and the controversy surrounding his replacement: Carolyn Shaprio, Illinois Solicitor General & former US Supreme...

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Lucas Museum lawsuit, Sandra Bland’s attorney, Blagojevich author, Inside Out columnists, Cosby, OJ Simpson and more

Legal Face-Off WGN Podcast from February 9, 2016 Rich and Jason welcome Frederick Bates from Friends of the Parks to discuss this week’s developments with their lawsuit against the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art. They then welcome Cannon Lambert, attorney...

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Chicago man exonerated, Making a Murderer reporters, Supreme Court cases, Ted Cruz and much more

Legal Face-Off WGN Podcast from January 25, 2016 Rich and Jason dive into Making a Murderer with two of the reporters who covered the trials, Tom Kertscher, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Emily Matesic, WBAY-TV. They are then joined by Professor...

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Making A Murderer, Camille Cosby, Affluenza Teen, Chipotle, Obama Gun Control Proposals, this month’s Inside Out segment and more

Legal Face-Off WGN Podcast from January 11, 2016 This week Rich and Jason welcome Professor James Jacobs to discuss the constitutionality of President Obama’s gun control proposals. They are then joined by Chicago Magazine’s Carol Felsenthal to discuss Cook County...

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Recalling Rahm, Texas affirmative action case, North Korean human rights violations, the importance of change management to lawyers, Star Wars lawsuits and much more

Legal Face-Off WGN Podcast from December 17, 2015 In this week’s action-packed episode of Legal Face-Off, Jason and Rich welcome State Representative La Shawn K. Ford to discuss his bill attempting to recall Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.They then tackle the...

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Rev. Jesse Jackson and Professor William Yeomans on Laquan McDonald video, Professor Alan Dershowitz, Palatine transgender case, Paul Walker lawsuit

Legal Face-Off WGN Podcast from December 5, 2015 Rich and Jason cover the continuing aftermath of the release of the Laquan McDonald video and its impact on Chicago with Rainbow PUSH Coalition Founder and President Rev. Jesse Jackson and Washington...

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