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Nursing Homes and COVID-19

covid-19 in nursing homes chicago legal help

During this unprecedented time, nursing homes are closing their doors to best protect their high-risk residents from COVID-19. As of May 1st, 2020 deaths in these facilities are accounting for 44% of coronavirus related deaths in the state of Illinois. For many family members of these residents, the line can become a bit blurred when trying to file a lawsuit to get compensation for their loved one that has fallen ill from COVID-19 during this time. What if your loved one contracts COVID-19 in a long-term care facility? It is probably very frustrating if you have a loved one that is infected with COVID-19 in a...

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Getting Legal Help During COVID-19

legal help in chicago during covid-19 coronavirus

Joint Custody During COVID-19 During these trying times, everyone should be focused on staying at home, and the health of themselves and others around them. However, navigating a joint custody agreement during this time could get a little complicated. Due to COVID-19, the majority of state and family courts are only accepting abuse and endangerment cases. This closure can create a lot of anxiety and confusion when trying to determine how separated parents will deal with their child going back and forth from houses. The majority of states have issued a stay at home order, which entails only going out for essential reasons. As for Chicago, Governor Pritzker did...

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Shelter in Place Law/Legal Consequences in Chicago

chicago stay at home order

Many of you probably have not left your house in days as many states have ordered a “shelter in place” order due to COVID-19. As of April 20th, 2020, 42 states had implemented a statewide order, and 3 (Utah, Wyoming, and Oklahoma) have orders in parts of the state. Leaving North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, and Arkansas with no implemented stay at home order. When stay at home orders were first implemented, many people took it as a complete “lockdown”, however it is far from that. As far as Chicago, the stay at home order was announced on March 20th, and put into effect Match 21st at 5 p.m....

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