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Stanford rape trial, extraditing “El Chapo”, Muhammad Ali’s estate, Illinois tort reform, Trump’s attacks on judge

Legal Face-Off WGN Podcast from June 8, 2016 Rich and Jason discuss the Stanford rape case with Rape Victim Advocates Executive Director Sharmili Majmudar. They then welcome Illinois Lawsuit Abuse Watch Executive Director Travis Akin to discuss frivolous lawsuits and...

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The Legal Prep Charter Academy, Benjamin Chaffee discusses Smokeless Tobacco, ‘Inside Out’ with David Susler and Christina Martini, and The Legal Grab Bag

Legal Face-Off WGN Podcast from May 27, 2016 Rich Lenkov and Jason Whiteside welcome back Sam Finkelstein, CEO and Co-Founder of Chicago Legal Prep Academy, along with some special guests from the school, to share exciting news about Chicago’s only...

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Food label litigation, Uber driver wage lawsuits, Starbucks ice coffee lawsuit and more

Legal Face-Off WGN Podcast from May 12, 2016 Rich Lenkov and Jason Whiteside welcome Professor Adam Hoeflich to discuss lawsuits challenging food labels Next they welcome Sarah Leberstein from the National Employment Law Project to discuss temporary workers seeking benefits...

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ACLU’s lawsuit alleging CIA’s use of torture, Tom Brady’s suspension, “Bystander Effect” in relation to Marques Gaines’ death, Uber settlement, Dennis Hastert sentencing

Legal Face-Off WGN Podcast from April 27, 2016 Rich Lenkov and Jason Whiteside welcome ACLU National Security Project Attorney, Dror Ladin to discuss the ACLU’s lawsuit alleging CIA use of torture. Next they welcome Professor Michael LeRoy from University of...

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Texting/Suicide Case, Texas Circumventing Obama Immigration Policy, Female-Only Uber Competitor, Will Smith Murder, Charlie Sheen and a Dora The Explorer lawsuit

Legal Face-Off WGN Podcast from April 15, 2016 Rich and Jason welcome LFO employment law correspondent Maital Savin from Bryce Downey & Lenkov to discuss whether a new female-only Uber competitor is legal. They then welcome in University of Oklahoma...

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Gloria Allred discusses OJ & Cosby, CTU vs CPS, Blagojevich, Drew Peterson, Elton John and more

Legal Face-Off WGN Podcast from April 2, 2016 On this week’s episode, Jason and Rich discuss whether the Chicago teachers strike is legal with University of Illinois Professor Robert Bruno. They then welcome inventor Alan Amron to discuss his lawsuit...

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Merrick Garland, Alan Dershowitz discusses inaccuracies in the OJ Simpson movie, corruption in Illinois, Inside Out columnists, Hulk Hogan and much more

Legal Face-Off WGN Podcast from March 22, 2016 This week, Rich and Jason welcome former Supreme Court clerk Andy DeVooght to discuss the chances of Merrick Garland being affirmed as a Supreme Court justice. They then discuss the inaccuracies in...

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Kim Goldman discusses OJ Simpson movie, Texas abortion case in Supreme Court, documentary about Tasers, FanLyst President on ticket resale market, Kesha, Erin Andrews and more

Legal Face-Off WGN Podcast from March 4, 2016 Rich and Jason welcome Nick Berardini, director of Killing Them Safely, a new documentary about Tasers and lawsuits resulting from death and injuries resulting from their use. They then welcome in Kim...

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