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About Us

Whiteside & Goldberg, Ltd. assists non-profit organization Midway Defective Window Recipients, NFP to heighten their ability to advocate for the Midway and O’Hare communities to ensure that homeowner’s have safe sound insulating acoustical window and door products.


The Midway Defective Window Recipients, NFP is a not for profit corporation that was organized in August of 2017 in order to advocate for homeowners’ concerns on behalf of the Chicago airport communities. They derived from a group of concerned Midway homeowners’ that continue to diligently work hard to find an answer about the toxic odorous windows provided by the Residential Sound Insulation Program.  As the difficulty with communication and transparency with the Chicago Department of Aviation and Residential Sound Insulation Program personnel continue(s), they felt it was essential to form a not for profit corporation with the sole purpose of research; research that will result in finding out the true and exact exposure components that the Residential Sound Insulation Program participants continue to suffer from. 

They uphold three important aspects in their advocacy by and through their mission:


Our mission is to provide all residents involved with the Residential Sound Insulation Program (RSIP) access to TRUE AND EXACT scientific research and results of the potential chemical exposure and potential health hazards that are a consequence of the defective window and door products provided to the impacted airport communities.


Our focus is to provide RESULTS directly to the Community for the problems that we currently face.


Our promise is to GUIDE the Community through this troubling time with integrity and respect.

Midway Defective Window Recipients, NFP has shown that they will and have taken all means necessary to get to the bottom of this situation and refuse to take “No” for an answer in the process.  They continue to diligently work through this organization to make positive change.  They stress that this matter of toxic and hazardous windows is that of science and engineering, safety and security, health and happiness, but most of all, ethics.  Their members continue to guide the community with integrity and respect even if they cannot receive it in return from the Chicago Department of Aviation and Residential Sound Insulation Program personnel.  Their dedicated team is comprised of several individuals that have shown that by doing whatever is needed for the community, they will find success in providing safe acoustical building products.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, COPD, respiratory issues, chronic headaches… Contact us today!

Our Profiles

Anne Prevenas

President and Co-Founder


Ms. Prevenas has a background in Plaintiff injury law as a senior litigation paralegal for over fifteen (15) years. She currently holds the valuable position as the Client Liaison for Whiteside & Goldberg, Ltd. and has been associated with the firm since 2011. Upon learning about the defective and hazardous off-gassing window and door products, Ms. Prevenas stepped in as one of the top community activists whose goal remains to obtain answers and ultimately a resolution for the community.  She holds the cause dear to her heart as her nephews suffer severe and permanent respiratory issues due to long term exposure of the off-gassing windows.  Presently she is in the process of choosing and applying for duel Law School/ Business School programs to obtain her Juris Doctorate in Law and Masters in Business Administration.  Ms. Prevenas is certified in management, organizational leadership and supervision which allows her to lead the community with poise.  Her activism shines through her participation as a member of the Woman’s Bar Association of Illinois, Rotary International and she continues to give back to the youth through donation of over four (4) collective feet of her hair to the Children With Hair Loss (CWHL) cancer charity. Ms. Prevenas possess a solid work ethic, knowledge, strategic leadership, litigation experience with a distinct mindset of uninterrupted passion in fighting for her nephews, the community, and positive change which makes her invaluable to the organization.  Ms. Prevenas can be reached at anne@midwaydefectivewindowrecipients.com and/or aprevenas@wglawgroup.com

Pamela Zidarich

Vice-President and Co-Founder


Mrs. Zidarich is a resident of the Midway community and owns one of the 21,000 residences that received the off-gassing sound insulating windows from the Residential Sound Insulation Program. Mrs. Zidarich and her family have been exposed to the off-gassing windows for a significant and lengthy period of time and continues to be at risk on a daily basis because of the off-gassing. Mrs. Zidarich is the utmost advocate and is at the forefront of said off-gassing window issues on this issue and has been the furthermost essential part of this organization due to her perseverance, dedication and commitment. She has a substantially impressive background in manufacturing and sales with detailed and vast comprehension in quality control, quality assurance, and up to date industry manufacturing standards. Mrs. Zidarich has twenty (20+) years in the Teflon and metal hose industry which provides her the experience, the profound knowledge and understanding of chemicals and a multitude of thermoplastics. Her expressed knowledge of chemical components, problem solving, exceptional advocacy, know-how and most importantly her ability to obtain results for the community has makes her instrumental to the organization. Mrs. Zidarich can be reached at pam@midwaydefectivewindowrecipients.com


Aviation Dept. hit—again—on defective windows


A top official from the Chicago Department of Aviation came to West Lawn Park earlier this week to reiterate her agency’s plan to address the concerns of hundreds of Midway-area homeowners with defective windows and doors provided through CDA’s Residential Sound Insulation Program.


But in the question and answer session that followed her assurances, things fell apart. Angry homeowner after homeowner gave her an earful—to the point where she left the podium and refused to respond to or even listen to Bob “Kooch” Kuczera, who she said was acting rudely as he allegedly did in January, at a different public meeting.


“I’m not here to be beat up again, Mr. Kuczera,” said CDA Deputy Commissioner Nancy Kiernan, a moment after Kuczera accused her of rolling her eyes as he started to speak. “It has to be civil engagement.”


Community Activism

The Midway Defective Window Recipients, NFP holds frequent community events that welcome Midway and O’Hare homeowners to share their concerns, experiences, questions and encounters with the Chicago Department of Aviation, Residential Sound Insulation Program and the toxic off-gassing sound insulating products. They continue to be at the forefront of these issues which helps the community feel as though they are being taken care of and not ignored. They have shown that the community will not back down or give in to the Chicago Department of Aviation’s and Residential Sound Insulation Program’s employees/ agents and personnel’s deceitful and unprincipled path of mishandling the problem at large. Ms. Prevenas and Mrs. Zidarich stand firm and proclaim that “We stand strong and untied in the hundreds to get to the bottom of these toxic and hazardous off-gassing windows and subsequent illnesses”.


“A newly-formed non-profit organization of Midway Airport-area homeowners holds its first public meeting, at West Lawn Park on Monday night, October 23, 2017. The group’s purpose is to get to the truth behind defective windows supplied to local residents through the Chicago Department of Aviation’s Residential Sound Insulation Program, and to obtain a satisfactory resolution to the problem.” – Southwest News Harold, October 29, 2017

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