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The Dangers of Driving in Chicago

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The Dangers of Driving in Chicago

dangers of driving in chicago illinois

Chicago offers so many wonderful things to do for both residents and tourists. Baseball season is about to open for the Cubs and White Sox; the Chicago music scene is always going strong and the shopping experience rivals any other city in the US. Sadly, the traffic issues rival those in other cities as well. “I can’t wait to drive in Chicago” was said by no one, ever.

In a recent poll ranking US cities from best to worst in drivability, Chicago ranked 91st, just one click above Los Angeles. It was 99th in traffic and infrastructure and 41st in safety. While Chicagoans love their city, there is no mystery about why it is home to so many traffic accidents. Motorists face a number of driving challenges each day, including traffic congestion, weather issues, and poor infrastructure. Few residents manage to avoid any claims on their insurance. If you are involved in a Chicago area traffic collision, you will need the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Traffic Congestion

Chicago drivers waste up to 138 hours each year due to traffic congestion. In the latest Global Traffic Scorecard, Chicago ranked third, beaten out only by Boston and Washington D.C. You’ll spend less time cursing at traffic jams in LA and New York City, which is a sobering thought.

Traffic congestion isn’t just a frustrating phenomenon. It leads to a number of traffic accidents and occasional bouts of road rage. Start and go driving situations frequently lead to collisions, particularly among irritated drivers. Congestion inspires many to force a merge when no space exists. Other drivers try to speed to make up for lost time. All of these bad driving behaviors can lead to your being injured while out on the Chicago highways and byways.


Chicago weather is frequently brutal and includes extremes in every season. The winters are cold, snowy and windy. Spring is warmer but often brings a deluge of rain. Summers are frequently incredibly hot and humid with a side of tornados and thunderstorms. Fall is perhaps the calmest season, but it often brings early snow and ice. People do not live in the Chicago area for the climate.

While all seasons bring driving challenges, the winter is the biggest threat to drivers in the area. Major snowfalls have been constant in recent months. In 2018, the city saw nine straight days of measurable snowfall. Snow and ice obviously cause slick road conditions which are compounded by the often bumper to bumper traffic experienced by commuters. Drivers often do not maintain a safe distance from other vehicles, meaning rear-end collisions are commonplace during the winter. Cars slide through intersections and off the side of the road, injuring many drivers and passengers. Determining blame for these incidents is daunting. You will need legal help to sort out the liability issues.

Chicago Infrastructure

When you pull up the IDOT travel information site, you will see an amazing number of icons showing where road work restricts traffic all through the state. Chicago displays more than its share of exit closings, lane restrictions and other road repair issues. Of course, the real work begins in late spring or early summer, when the temperatures allow for repair crews to tackle the big problems. And the new road construction? That causes shivers down the spine of many motorists. Getting around these construction areas can be challenging, even with GPS and a good attitude.

Commuters faced with construction delays do not make the safest drivers. They are in a hurry to get to work and often make bad choices, such as abrupt lane changes and violating the speed limit. Some have been known to drive on the shoulder of the road in a desperate attempt to get through. Road workers and motorists are all at danger out on the Chicago area roads during repair and construction season.

Vehicle Accident Injuries

When you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, you are vulnerable to a number of serious injuries. Even minimal impact can cause severe medical problems. You may experience a traumatic brain injury, which can cause long-term cognitive deficits. Many collisions cause fractures, muscle tears or strains and neck issues. You may also experience spinal problems as a result of a collision. These injuries can ruin your quality of life.

Motor vehicle accidents are painful and costly. These injuries come with expensive medical bills and loss of earnings, which put a major strain on your finances. Some families end up in desperate straits as a result. If you are the victim of a negligent Chicago area driver, you may need to take legal action to get the compensation you deserve.

Whiteside and Goldberg Law Group

Chicago traffic is tough, so you need tough attorneys when you file a traffic-related lawsuit. The attorneys at Whiteside and Goldberg have decades of experience fighting these battles – over 50 years, in fact. They know Chicago traffic because they drive through it themselves. And, they understand the complexities of your situation. Motorists in the area face a daily challenge. You deserve the best possible legal advice from attorneys who are fighting the same battles as you. You do not have to face your situation alone.

At Whiteside & Goldberg, Ltd.,  you receive a free consultation where you get expert advice on the merits of your particular case. If you decide to pursue legal action, you don’t need to worry about money. You do not pay a dime unless your attorney wins a settlement for you. Your bank account balance does not determine the quality of your representation.

Whiteside & Goldberg, Ltd. has two locations – one on Michigan Avenue and one in Shorewood. For more information, call 312-334-6875 or 815-730-7535. You deserve to have passionate, knowledgeable attorneys fighting for your rights.


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