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Whiteside & Goldberg representing victims of Essure

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Whiteside & Goldberg representing victims of Essure

Whiteside & Goldberg is currently talking to women injured by the Essure permanent sterilization device.  The number of women experiencing complications continues to grow and their stories become increasingly visible thanks to social media. Some of the Essure complications include pain in the abdominal, pelvic, and joint areas, heavier/irregular mensies, headache, fatigue, weight fluctuations, device incompatibility (symptoms of incompatibility include rashes, nickel allergies, and a metallic taste in mouth), migration of the device or components, device operating different than expected, device breakage/perforation, inaccurate positioning of the device, etc. In one FDA reported case, a woman with no prior medical issues convulsed and suddenly died during the placement of Essure.  Autopsy results showed uterine perforation and blood in the abdomen.

The lawyers at Whiteside & Goldberg are hopeful that Bayer, the drug manufacturer of Essure, will be held accountable for its defective and unreasonably dangerous product.  If you or a loved one has suffered as a result of Essure, please contact the lawyers at Whiteside & Goldberg today.

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